hello all!
you may know me from sweet darlin' cupcakes, but i am now here to also offer handmade greeting cards! that's right. want to send a card that really says what you mean, but you lack the creativity to do anything about it? have no fear, i'm here to help you out.

please look to the sidebar of this blog for prices. i can deliver to anywhere in the philadelphia area that is accessible by public transportation or mail your order to you--both at no extra cost!

right now you're probably thinking, "could it be?!" well yes, yes it could.

below are some pictures for you to scroll through to check out samples of my work. all cards presented below can be reproduced, but i also do custom creations!

just so you know, cards can be ordered individually, but its cheaper to buy more!

custom birthday cards show you really care!

buy a pack of thank you cards, it's always nice to have some handy! when you buy any type of cards in packs, they can be made all the same, coordinating or completely random. it's entirely up to you!

as you can see, i use buttons, ribbons, thread, stamps and stickers (and whatever else i find lying around) to decorate each unique card.

fact: thank you cards are most popular (like you couldn't tell).

of course, envelopes are included with each purchase.

above is a pack of 10 cards, all ready for delivery!

THANKS to you for stopping by! place your orders now by calling 215-290-0430 or emailing quackquack77@yahoo.com.

oh, hey! don't forget to order a batch of sweet darlin' cupcakes!